Bringing order and efficiency to your life is often difficult. Disorganization looks different to everyone. The key is moving from overwhelm to renewed energy. When our personal and professional life are in synch we can conquer the world. Too often we exist in a chaotic environment and an emotional state of flux where we cannot focus on those things most important to us. If your previous attempts to become organized have not achieved the desired results, and you feel you are doing things that are not accomplishing your goals, then it's time to consider a change.

The world moves at a fast pace today and we need support systems to help keep us focused every step of the way. A Productivity Consultant brings solutions to an array of issues, allowing you to align your day-to-day choices with your life’s vision. We create the steps that free you from distraction and chaos and allow you to enjoy your life, family, friends and work.

Staying on top of clutter, whether it is paper, email or electronic files can be challenging even for the most organized people. Calendars that don’t keep you on track are ineffective tools. Meetings, phone calls, texts, staff, bosses, social media, families, children, pets, projects, vacations, and travel are just some of life’s internal and external interruptions and obstacles.

A Productivity Consultant is a coach, mentor and guide. Taking the time to get to know you and understanding your challenges is the first step in helping you achieve your goals. We work with solopreneurs, business owners, academics, bloggers, managers, salespeople, students and other individuals who need a new course of action to obtain the productive personal and professional life they desire.  We design a game plan for removing clutter and obstacles and alleviating stress, allowing you to focus on the important things in life. We are experts at coaching on issues relating to people, processes, systems and tools. Our approach and solutions streamline your daily activities and our advice is tailored to your specific needs, bringing organization and productivity, along with balance, to your life.